Which Reasons Are The Best For Using Only The Fine Focus Knob Under High Power Select Two The Diaphragm Will Not Open Wide Enough By Using The Fine Focus Knob The Stage Or Objectives Move Very Little When The Knob Is Turned The Objective Will Not?

Why is it important not to use the coarse adjustment knob when the microscope is set under the high power or oil immersion objective?

Coarse and fine adjustment The coarse adjustment knob should only be used with the lowest power objective lens.

Using the coarse focus with higher lenses may result in crashing the lens into the slide.


Stage controls The slide is placed on the stage between clamps..

Do you only use the coarse focus knob when you have the 4x scanning objective in place?

“You only use the coarse focus knob when you have the 4X scanning objective in place.” the 4x lens is the lowest objective power that can give a clearer and general overview of any slide. Remember that the coarse focus knob can only be used with the lowest power objective lens.

What happens if you try to use the coarse adjustment when the 10x lens is in place?

Answer: The correct answer would be – difficulty in precise focusing and risk of crashing the objective into the slide. Explanation: … If the high power objective that is 10X or above while adjusting coarse adjustment, there is a risk to crash the objective on the specimen.

Which focus knob should you use first with this objective?

always focus first with the course adjustment and the low-power objective lens.

What three things change as you increase magnification?

The more you magnify an image, the thinner the light gets spread, and you reach the point where even with a very bright light, the image is too dark to see anything. We get around the problems of brightness and depth of field by using something besides light for the microscope.

When would you use a fine adjustment knob?

Fine Adjustment Knob – This knob is inside the coarse adjustment knob and is used to bring the specimen into sharp focus under low power and is used for all focusing when using high power lenses. Light Source – The light source in your microscope is a lamp that you turn on and off using a switch.