Quick Answer: What Knife Do You Use To Cut Cheese?

What do you cut cheese with?

Step 1: Cut with the correct knifeCut medium-hard to medium-soft cheeses with a wire slicer.

Cut crumbly cheeses with wide, rectangular, open-surface blades.

Cut soft-ripened cheese with a hollow-edge blade.

Cut hard cheeses with a tear-shaped knife..

Why are cheese knives different shapes?

When the cheese does not stick to the blade, it allows for pieces of cheese to be presented more attractively, with crisper shapes compared to cheese cut with standard knives. … This helps separate the cheese as it is being sliced. Some cheese knives have a forked end, used for serving slices of cheese.

How do you use a different cheese knife?

Cheese Knives & ToolsFork-Tipped Spear. A “go-to” tool that gets a lot of use cutting and slicing a variety of firm cheeses. … Almond Knife. A classic all-purpose knife that is great for scoring the rind of hard cheeses, opening wheels, dividing wedges and chunking cheeses into bite sizes.Cheese Cleaver.

How do you cut chevre cheese?

Slicing through soft, creamy goat cheese can get rather messy. Sometimes this doesn’t matter, but when your presentation requires a clean cut, all you need is a piece of dental floss. Wrap the floss around your fingers, hold it taught, and pull it downward through the cheese. Ta-da!

What are the prongs on a cheese knife for?

The prongs at the end of the knife are used for serving. The holes in the knife prevent cheese from sticking to the blade. used when splitting or “breaking” a parmesan cheese. … Used for soft cheese so the cheese doesn’t crush under the force needed to cut pieces.

What are 3 tips to cutting cheese?

StepsUse a sharp knife to cut smaller wedges if you have wheels or pyramids. … Cut off the wax rind from your semi-soft wedge before you eat it. … Make your cuts along the long edge if you are slicing soft wedges. … Chop your cheese width-wise if you have a semi-firm or hard wedge.More items…

Why do they say cut the cheese?

The adjective “cheesy” can be used figuratively to refer to anything that smells bad, such as fermented cheese. … Eventually, “cutting the cheese” was later applied figuratively to refer to flatulence, because like cutting a smelly block cheese, a fart can suddenly cause a smelly odor to broadcast over a wide area.

What is the best cheese knife?

The 10 Best Cheese Knife Sets for Hard and Soft CheesesSwissmar 3 Piece Set | Full Review.Zwillings J.A. Henckel’s 3-Piece Set | Full Review.Jean Dubost Laguiole 3 Piece Set | Full Review.Joymee 4 Piece Set (Budget Pick) | Full Review.La Cote 4 Piece Set | Full Review.Wusthof Gourmet 4 piece set | Full Review.Boska Holland Mini Set | Full Review.More items…•

Can you use a mandoline to slice cheese?

A mandoline isn’t just for fruits and vegetables. You can use it to slice or grate any firm cheese.

How do you cut a big block of cheese?

Place the block of cheese on its side on a cutting board. Slice the cheese block in 1/2 inch slices for a small block of cheese and 1 inch slices for a larger block of cheese. Turn the sliced cheese block so that the slices are stacked on top of each other.

How do you cut cheese without it sticking to the knife?

Since soft cheeses are tricky to cut, and often they get stuck with the knife, the holes keep the cheese from sticking. So, to cut the cheese, you just need to angle the knife at the edge of the cheese and press down in blocks.