Quick Answer: How Do You Fix An Exe That Has Stopped Working?

Why is my WinRAR not working?

Step 1: Install WinRAR Repair application on your system.

After that, launch the software to open its home screen as shown in figure 1.

Step 2: Select the RAR file that doesn’t open by using the “Browse” option.

Step 3: Press on the “Repair” button to start fixing the selected RAR files..

Has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly?

The A problem caused the program to stop working correctly error can occur with any of your software at any time. The most common cause for this error is the missing or malfunctioning drivers.

What to do if program is not responding?

Try restarting your computer. If the problem reoccurs with the same application, check for updates for the application that might solve the problem. If the crashing is repeated, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

How do I fix Setup exe has stopped working?

In order to fix “Application.exe has stopped working” error, you may need to clean temporary files:Open This PC.Right-click on the system partition.Open Properties.Click on Disc Cleanup button.In the appeared window, checkboxes next to Temporary files.Click OK to clean temporary files.

How do I fix ac4bfsp exe has stopped working?

#8 Assassin’s Creed 4 Error – AC4BFSP.exe has Stopped Working. Try removing the AC4BFSP.exe from the game folder then try starting the game again, it should fix the problem by downloading a new one or ….

What causes an application to stop working?

are error messages that pop-up now and then while using Apps on Android mobile devices. … This may happen due to various reasons such as unstable internet connection, both cellular and WiFi. Another reason for Apps to stop working could be corrupted Cache files, which have not been cleared in a long time.

How do you fix bioshock exe has stopped working?

First, make sure that you meet the minimum hardware requirements and that you are running the latest drivers for your video card. You know, this is the basic stuff that you need to do for any game issue. 2. Next, go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Manage Audio Devices, and select the Recording tab.

How do I fix WinRAR Archiver has stopped working?

Procedure to repair not responding RAR files:Download and install Yodot RAR Repair in your Windows system/laptop.Run the application and follow instruction given on the screen.Click on the “Browse” button to select the corrupted WinRAR file.Start the repair process by pressing “Repair” option.More items…

What is BSvcProcessor has stopped working?

The error “BSvcProcessor has stopped working” is usually related to Bing or Skype. The program is a part of Microsoft Bing Desktop software and is usually bundled with another program or it is installed separately as the “Bing toolbar” in your web browsers.

How do I restore a program that is not responding?

Click “Ctrl + Alt + Del” buttons to open “Windows Task Manager” interface. Step2. Open “Applications” tab to highlight the no responding program or press “Process” tab to choose all related program processes. Step3.