Question: How Many Days In A Row Can I Take Sudafed?

How long does it take for pseudoephedrine to get out of your system?

PseudoephedrineClinical dataBioavailability~100%Metabolism10–30% hepaticElimination half-life4.3–8 hoursExcretion43–96% renal32 more rows.

How is Sudafed excreted?

Oral forms of pseudoephedrine are readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and excreted principally unchanged in the urine. A small amount is metabolized in the liver and also excreted in the urine.

Can you get rebound from Sudafed?

Oral decongestants do not cause rebound congestion but are not as effective as topical formulations. Agents that combine an oral decongestant, usually pseudoephedrine, with an antihistamine are frequently used for the treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis due to a variety of causes.

What happens if you take too much Sudafed?

If you take too much, symptoms of an overdose of Sudafed PE can include: headache. dizziness. high blood pressure.