Is Child Of Light Good Lords Mobile?

How much does Max Lore Weaver cost?

Within the package you will receive different resources.

That can help you further progress in the game.

Plus a Green box to share with the guild.

If you only buy her $5 USD pack it will cost $165 to max..

How do you get Lore Weaver?

You can only get hold of this hero by purchasing the Lore Weaver package when it is offered at the game store. The starting package costs $4.99 which will give you 10 Lore Weaver medals. 10 medals is enough to give you a starting hero grade (White).

How do you get strong in Lords mobile?

Okay, here are the best ways to inflate your boring ego and build your might:Gem troops. … Focus on research. … Focus on T3 and T4 troops. … Pay for boosts. … Open up as many admin quest scrolls and guild quest scrolls to increase the player level.

What is the difference between Phalanx and wedge Lords mobile?

Wedges have slightly higher attacking power, but slightly lower Defence than phalanxes. When a wedge and phalanx of the same troop type fights, the wedge side loses a significantly higher number of troops.

What are the best heroes for Colosseum in Lords mobile?

Best Paid Heroes for ColosseumLore Weaver. She is an incredible healer and a priceless asset in the Colosseum. Once she is maxed, she is tens of times better than Prima Donna. … Witch Doll. She traps your enemies in their spot for a few seconds. … Grove Guardian. One of the most powerful heroes in the Colosseum.

Is it possible to hack Lords mobile?

Unfortunately no !!! You can’t hack Lords mobile game using other apps like lucky patcher or game guardian. You can use some Mod apk to get experience like lords mobile. … Lords Mobile is an online game.

Is petite devil a good hero?

Petite Devil (Beatrix) is a great Lords Mobile P2P hero to own specially if you want to rank high in Colosseum battles. Ranking high in the Colosseum means you’re guaranteed to get more free gems every 3 hours.

How many infirmaries should I have in Lords mobile?

Keep in mind the max army size you can send out (without max army size increase buff on) is ~250k, so I personally have 6 infirmaries because at max lvl these support 240k troops (they also increase troop HP at max which is IMO better than the manor atk boost).

How do I get free gems on Lords mobile?

There are several ways to earn free Gems in Lords Mobile.Treasure Trove. This will be our biggest source of free gems. … Maintenance. When the servers are down for maintenance you will receive free gems! … Coloseum. … Monster Hunting. … Guild Gifts. … Mystery Box. … Labyrinth.

Who is the most powerful hero in Lords mobile?

Rose Knight She is the most effective hero at the Colosseum, especially when maxed. She and the healer (Prima or Lore), will be a part of almost every Colosseum lineup. Rose Knight is the top F2P colosseum heroes.

How much does Lore Weaver cost?

If you’re purchasing mall packs in US currency, Lore Weaver is a minimum of $165 and a maximum of $775. You’ll need to do your own math for other currencies.

How long does it take to execute a leader in Lords mobile?

If your leader is captured, it would take 3 days of being imprionsed before the option to be executed. A level 25 prison will decrease that time by 1 day and 20 hours so that you can have your leaders a lot faster if you and your guild do not have the ability to get it back.

How do you get the Devils cap in Lords?

Devil’s Cap can be found in special Bundles. It can also be purchased for Gems through the Bargain Store on occasion.

Which troops are best in Lords mobile?

Play Lords Mobile on PC Or, if you are planning to attack against an army of Reptilian Riders, Sharpshooters will be the best option. Siege troops are weak against any other troop types – they are only strong against Walls and Wall Traps. All other troop types, however, are weak against Wall Traps.

What happens when a leader is executed in Lords mobile?

What Exactly Happens When Your Hero is Captured and Executed? You will lose that hero’s boost while in prison. You will temporarily lose the benefits/boosts of your talents. You can’t use the hero in monster hunting and resource gathering.