Are Monstera Plants Rare?

How long do Monstera plants live?

I love plants which grows fast and gets big.

Problem is, I just read the plant only lives around 5 years.

That doesn’t seem a long time to me, how will it ever grow big!?.

Well, I just bought a Monstera deliciosa..

Why are Monstera so expensive?

And since there’s no use other than aesthetic, Little research has been conducted on how to increase variegated monstera. So a shortage of plant cultivation, plus cult following equals a friggin’ expensive plant.

Why is variegated Monstera so expensive?

They produce less chlorophyll, and as such photosynthesize a great deal less. Growing them is not only slow but also requires a certain level of skill. Combine this with incredibly high demand, and you’ve got a rare plant that is going to be tough to find, and if you do find it, it will cost you!

Where can I buy a variegated Monstera?

Here are all of the stores I have seen them at: Gurton’s Plant Shop, Solabee Flowers & Botanicals, Arium Botanicals, Pistils Nursury and Marbott’s Greenhouse & Nursery.

What is the benefits of Monstera plant?

Large-leafed philodendron plants, including the trendy monstera plant, were shown to be one of the most effective for reducing air pollution. Just don’t let small kids or pets eat the leaves since they’re toxic. Aloe is a relatively easy plant to grow that also cleans indoor air.

How do you know if your Monstera is happy?

Hole-less mature leaves are a sure sign that your monstera would be happier with more light .

How do I know if my Monstera needs water?

Common problems with MonsterasLeaves turning yellow, brown, or black. If you see yellow or brown leaves on your Monstera, you may be overwatering. … Leaves curling. If the leaves of your Monstera are curling, your plant is most likely under-watered. … Leaves wilting or drooping.

How do you root a Monstera cutting?

Monstera is more commonly propagated by stem cuttings. Swiss cheese plant cuttings are easy to root. With cuttings, you have the option of rooting them in water first or simply sticking them straight into the soil. Cuttings should be taken just after a leaf node, removing the bottom-most leaves.

Is Monstera Adansonii rare?

A rare and unique houseplant featuring glossy green tropical foliage with oblong holes that give it the nickname, Swiss Cheese Vine. Monstera adansonii is fast-growing and prefers to climb, so be ready to provide some support for it.

Are Monstera plants expensive?

Variegated Monstera ($700 to $5000) Variegated Monstera or ‘Swiss cheese plant’, such as the M. deliciosa pictured above can sell for up to $5000. A rare M. adansonii has sold for $700, and M.

How do you make a monstera bushier?

Pruning long stems is the best and only way to keep a Monstera fuller and more compact. Any stem can be pruned at any point. New growth will then emerge at that point. So, generally, it best to prune some of the stems back to within a few inches of the pot.

Can I make my Monstera variegated?

As we said, variegation is very rare, so your chance of having a plant randomly producing variegation is about 1:100’000. So in order to get a variegated plant from a Monstera Deliciosa, you would have to make 100’000 cuttings and produce new plants. … Interestingly some plants have stable variegations.

One of the main reasons for the Monstera’s immense popularity is the shape of its leaves. Id’ be willing to bet that someone out there probably took an artistic photo of their plant, the internet fell in love and it became trendy.

How do you get Monstera to grow fruit?

Harvest. Monstera fruit is ready to harvest when the caps of the fruitlets at the fruits base start to spread and show the creamy color between them. This occurs about 12 months after flowering. Harvest the fruit at this stage by breaking it from the stem.